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Green Wine Future 2022 International Conference Announced

The hybrid event will be presented live in several areas of the world, with simultaneous broadcasts to the entire planet.

Napa, California – Chrand Events is pleased to announce that the Green Wine Future 2022 international conference will be held from May 23-26, 2022.

In 2006, Chrand Events pioneered the first-ever international conference on climate change and wine, to examine the impacts of the climate crisis upon any specific industry. Since that first edition in Spain, Chrand has organized numerous international conferences and summits throughout the world focused upon the most timely and substantial issues affecting the wine industry.

To address critical topics of sustainability, climate change, contemporary health concerns, green business opportunities, and systemic inequities, Chrand, in partnership with Balzac Communications and Marketing and DF Consults, has created Green Wine Future 2022. As the most ambitious environmental conference ever organized in the wine community, this 4-day conference is the culmination of its Climate Change and Wine Future conferences.

“There has never been a more perfect time to gather and discuss how we can improve our planet,” said Pancho Campo, Founder and Conference Director. “At Green Wine Future, we will analyze a variety of topics including the aftermath of the pandemic, climate crisis and economy, carbon, hydric resources, viticulture, energy, policies and more, and how all of these key issues are interlinked with the wine industry.”

The live events will be held in multiple cities representing several areas of the world. Green Wine Future 2022 will showcase five types of featured speakers: wine industry experts, academics and scientists, experts from outside the wine business, world leaders, and celebrities.

The conference will benefit three NGOs involved with issues related to the wine industry of extreme importance for all humanity: water scarcity, the climate crisis, economic justice. Donations will be made to designated NGOs designed to resolve these issues which are amongst those to be addressed at Green Wine Future 2022.

Following GWF 2022 we will do Planet Future, a celebratory worldwide event for anyone and everyone wishing to protect the Earth, with wine the industry connecting us all. Planet Future takes inspiration from 1985’s Live Aid global event, bringing attention to environmental and social issues while expanding opportunities for sustainability.

“No matter where you are located, you have the opportunity to participate through hybrid or virtual events. We are eagerly counting down the days until Green Wine Future 2022, where we will have tremendous content, solutions and inspiration for a better future and planet.”

Green Wine Future will occur in even-numbered years, while Wine Future will continue in odd-numbered years. Due to the global pandemic, both impending iterations of these will be conducted in a hybrid format.

About Chrand Events

CHRAND is an agency founded by former tennis professional and Olympic captain Pancho Campo. Organizers of world-class events for the last 30 years in over 20 countries, CHRAND has managed and produced concerts, sporting events, summits and conferences with some of the most important world leaders, celebrities and Nobel Prize winners including: US President Barack Obama, US Vice-President Al Gore, UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, film director Francis Ford Coppola, Sting, Pink Floyd, Andre Agassi and Enrique Iglesias amongst other notables.

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