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  • Green Wine Future 2022 will help several NGOs involved with issues related to the wine industry of extreme importance for all humanity: water scarcity, the climate crisis, economic justice.

  • Donations will be made to these organizations, in part based on ticket sales, helping  to resolve these issues that are amongst those Green Wine Future 2022 will address.

  • Additionally, the event will feature a Silent Auction/Sale of wines, experiences, services and products donated by our speakers, supporting partners and other organizations.

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Wine Unify

Wine Unify was founded on the belief that education is the cornerstone to progress in any field. Yet many ethnic and racial minorities experience significant barriers to entry - be it financial, mentorship, or a general feeling of exclusion. We seek to change that by fostering wine education for underrepresented minority groups, and amplifying the voices of the people of color who are already thriving within the wine industry.  We do this by way of outreach, awards, and education, as well as various other elements within our initiatives.

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The Porto Protocol

The Porto Protocol Foundation is an international non-profit institution, founded by Taylor’s Fladgate Port, with hundreds of other members committed to make a greater contribution to mitigate climate change.

Born in the wine industry and spread across the whole value chain, we strive to be a catalyst of climate action. Our belief is that, if we share our successes and experiences, our response to climate change will be more effective.

We are an open platform, a dynamic database of resources and workable solutions, a place of inspiration for change and collaborative sharing.



Our concern is that political promises have not been met and even though 'Day Zero" was successfully avoided, communities and schools are still severely affected by access to water. SOS NPO seeks to mitigate the impact of the water crisis on local schools and struggling communities in the Western Cape and other parts of South Africa, by collaborating with community stakeholders, government and businesses to provide alternative water sources and solutions. We provide non-potable and potable water, transportation and infrastructure. Our projects address sanitation, hygiene, climate change and education around these issues.     

Video of the Climate Change Leadership 2019 Summit
co-organized by Chrand Events
and Taylor´s Port

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