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The Planet Future Foundation will highlight the importance of protecting the most sensitive parts of the planet from the climate crisis with its primary goals:

1.  The production of a documentary series detailing how the climate crisis is impacting the most sensitive parst of the planet showcasing many regions, cities and countries implementing critical initiatives protecting their environment and mitigating the impact of the climate crisis.

2. Organizing educational events revealing the extent of damage being done to the environment, simultaneously providing solutions to avert these effects and to promote sustainability at all levels.

The following are the locations which The Planet Future Foundation and Wine for the Planet will focus upon preserving:

1. Antarctica, Greenland and the Arctic
2. Coral reefs in different parts of the planet
3. The Amazon and other rainforests
4. Countries already suffering from water scarcity and flooding due to sea level rise

The aforementioned documentaries will feature the impact of climate change upon the local population, marine environment, biodiversity and more. Onsite wine tastings conducted at some of these regions will be conducted in order to show the support of the wine industry to the causes of The Planet Future Foundation.

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W4P - Wine for the Planet is a program created for The Planet Future Foundation  which is based on documentaries recorded at the below-mentioned areas, which will be broadcast during the breaks at Green Wine Future available to all delegates, sponsors, and speakers but also via streaming, free of charge and open to all viewers, through Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

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