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Green wine future 2022 adds

The most important professional summit featuring sustainability and climate change for the international wine sector announces the addition of "Wine for the Planet" (W4P) to its May 23-26, 2022, program.

Green Wine Future 2022, the most important professional summit featuring sustainability and climate change for the international wine sector, announces the addition of “Wine for the Planet” (W4P) to its May 23-26, 2022, program.

W4P will showcase the wine industry’s work in protecting areas of the Earth most sensitive to the climate crisis, including:

  • Antarctica, Greenland, the Arctic

  • Coral reefs in different parts of our planet

  • The Amazon and other rainforests

  • Countries already suffering from water shortages and floods

Based on documentaries recorded and presented by W4P founder Pancho Campo and his team from the above listed regions, W4P will stream free globally during regular breaks of Green Wine Future. Those interested, may view the films through Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, where the team will highlight wine tastings in Greenland, Iceland, Antarctica, the Amazon, and the Great Coral Reef.

Wine for the Planet will show:

  • The vital importance of protecting these sensitive areas from impacts of climate change

  • That we are all interconnected throughout our planet

  • That all industries must attend to these issues, regardless of their professional activity.

  • “Our first expedition will take us to Greenland, the Arctic and Island where we will record amazing footage of the impact of climate change on the Inuit and the local economy, but we will also taste some wine as a gesture of the industry for protecting these extreme but very sensitive areas,” says Pancho Campo.

With many more to follow, Green Wine Future now has more than 60 confirmed speakers representing all elements of the wine business - scientists, academics, media, and celebrities will all add their own unique perspectives. These wine industry luminaries are scheduled to participate both through live and pre-recorded connections from vineyards and wineries, coupled with streaming documentaries premiering at Green Wine Future 2022.

“W4P will occur virtually from five continents containing eight of the planet’s wine regions; California, Chile, Portugal, South Africa, France, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, to minimize its carbon footprint, to ensure that it be truly global, and to avoid impacts caused by the pandemic”, says David Furer.

The promo video, Information about The Wine for the Planet program, confirmed speakers, alliances and partners, and registrations may be found at

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